Theater performance REMINISCENCE

 - February MKM Belgrade 2023

- September Pec, Kosovo 2023 // RegLab

MAY - International Statue Festival, Banja            Koviljaca,  Serbia   

JULY - International Festival LilaLo, Loznica, Serbia

15.07. premiere 

"PRISM ON WHEELS" performance for childern and youth

09.12. premiere

"ORIGIN OF FEAR", at UK Parobrod

Both projects in Mimart production supported by Ministry of culture Serbia 


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Ritual theater
Premiere 6-7.09.2021
Basement MKM - Cultural Center Warehouse in Kraljevica Marka 4

The Goddess Hecate has the power to see the past, present and future and has the keys to all possible solutions, just like Art. She is a guide through transformation and change, it helps us to re-evolve things in our own lives. Theater performance is a contribution to the cultural and historical heritage of Serbia. The Holograd application of the Urban Development Center for mobile phones is available in Serbia. It contains a 3D view of Hecate. There was the Hecate Temple in Belgrade, which is one of the many temples in the Balkans. Hecate is a pre-Olympic Goddess and is associated with the Neolithic Goddess Mother. The concept for the theater performance is based on the characteristics of the trinity of the mythical being, which enables unconventional routes in the theater laboratory. This is a story about strong women. Applause was lacking during the pandemic, and this performance has a healing note of isolated spaces through successive performativity.

Concept and directed by: Nela Antonović
Performers: Marina Bukvički, Marko Stojanović (umetničko ime Marco Nektan) i Olivera Milojević Čavić,
Dramaturgical consultations and performer: Mina Ćirić
Stage design: Lidija Antonović
Sound design: Teodora Sarić
Costume: AnÄ‘elija Marković
Technical support: Aleks Zain i Ivana Koraksić
Production: Theater Mimart / Ivana Vraneš, MKM- Cultural Center Warehouse and Agency Producers

Project supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade.