Jubilee of 35 years of creative work 

Nela Antonovic, art director 

Ivana Vranes, producer


ECoC Plovdiv 2019 




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How we tricked Mephisto

Premiere 09.29.2016. UK VUK scene KULT

We live in a time of political turbulence, competition and struggle, wars, new technologies, making heavy weather, when the creative potential of independent contemporary artists is marginalized.Concept was developed as a challenge to explore three authors and their works of fiction: Orwell's 1984, Zamyatin's WE and Goethe's Faust. The project explores the burning question of redefining the concept of freedom in the future. Open interaction between artists and audience poses questions which, in return, define scene order and the dynamics of performance.

The show premiered at 17th Bitef Polyphony, 50 BITEF

Photo: Lidija Antonović

Concept and mentor: Nela Antonović
The authors / contributors / participants: Katarina Orlandić, Nina Petrov, Anja Nikolić, Nikola Vranić, Ivan Radovani, Ana Bastać Dimitrijević, Saša Dobrohotov, Rade Obradović, Teodora Sarić, Lidija Antonović, Nikola Koruga and Kristina Sarić
Dramaturgy: Filip Jokanović and the audience
Scene design: Lidija Antonović
Music: Teodora Sarić (saxophone and flute)
Predrag Radovančević (sound design)
Costume: Lara Popović and Anđelija Marković
Production: Theatre Mimart
Project support: UK Vuk i CEDEUM