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MAY - Festival of living statuas, Banja Koviljaca, SRB

JUNE - Festival of contemporary woman, Tuzla, BIH 

JULY - LilaLo fire festival, Loznica, SRB

AUGUST - Nisvil theater, Nis: "Svetkovina igre" i "Vatralj"

WMO Pantomime Festival, Vrnjacka Banja, SRB

SEPTEMBER - Trema fest Ruma, SRB, performance art festival Sarajevo, BIH...  


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Art performance festival
07.08-08.11.2021, Belgrade

The Interpolations festival promotes contemporary dance through the production of dance performances in Belgrade as a continuation of the long-term promotion of self-performances by Theater Mimart. The author and coordinator of the project, Lidija Antonović, chose the name Interpolation as an art photographer, which comes from the procedure that means optimizing the quality of the image, and as an interdisciplinary artist, she applied this into the field of contemporary dance, because a dance can be seen as a series of images that appear and disappear in space. The festival examines the interpolation of choreography and Art dance performance, as a model of innovation. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia.

At the time of the pandemic, each artist had the space and time to think and analyze not only his own work and the techniques of the dance he developed and are developing in the world, but also to ask questions of his potentials and future development of contemporary dance? Does the achieved technique allow further development of an individual or a group? Why innovation? What new can be discovered? What and what function does the new work have? Techniques of interpolation of choreography and art performance of contemporary dance can bring answers to some of these questions, but also open up other important questions of the development of contemporary dance on the domestic scene. The program of the festival of young total authors of art dance performances was held in various venues in Belgrade. 16 new works of performance art were shown at the festival:

Milica Bajčetić - No Title
Dušan Murić - When the Aliens Comeā€¦
Lidija Antonović - The Earth Remembers Everything
Ivana Koraksić - Fire steals eternal fire by itself
Marko Nektan - Ode to Water
Strahinja Padezanin - Air for the planet
Alex Zain - Intervene me (Jukebox)
Vladimir Čubrilo - Solo interpolations
Katarina Bućić - Phase
Nemanja Bošković - Hands
Ana Obradović - Art as a process: Careless/Limitless, Mindfull/Thoughtfull
Miloš Janić - I will
Nataša Milojević - Stronger, to feel alive
Nela Antonović - Aesthetics of Interpolation of Science and Artistic Performance
Marko Milić - Love as life is only longer
Marco Nektan - Evolution, essence and form of performance art