Theater performance REMINISCENCE

 - February MKM Belgrade 2023

- September Pec, Kosovo 2023 // RegLab

MAY - International Statue Festival, Banja            Koviljaca,  Serbia   

JULY - International Festival LilaLo, Loznica, Serbia

15.07. premiere 

"PRISM ON WHEELS" performance for childern and youth

09.12. premiere

"ORIGIN OF FEAR", at UK Parobrod

Both projects in Mimart production supported by Ministry of culture Serbia 


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Stanica - servis za

savremeni ples 





Act I of project “Two Act Performance with Intermission”.
Premiere 23.04.2009 Student Cultural Centra/SKC, Belgrade 

This is pseudoscientific voyage on which a group of nameless artists work on the exploration of identity within the works of an artist. The process of art creation which is not theatre nor is it dance, has a phenomena of disbanding of humanity. This phenomena is being analyzed, especially the subjective experience of it. With the help of a new Muse, Terpsichothalia, the synthesis of Terpsichore and Thalia, new MIMART projects are born. 

Like in a computer game, one reaches levels, and the main ``character`` is the artists-researcher. The transfer to a new dimension, the new space is a higher level in which one has to overcome the obstacles like in one’s life. On this journey one questions oneself: explores, criticizes and provokes the viewers, by putting them in the position of a game player. 

In the process of creation, an artist undergoes a laboratory, through self activation in individual mythology, through struggle and sacrifice, sometimes even war. The artist is exposed to hundreds of influences of the Muses and Mephisto, and he is judged and surgically stitched, and in the end there is an absurd situation in which the artist eats himself, actually he criticizes himself and judges himself.

Photo: Marko Nektan

Concept and directing: Nela Antonović
Author of music: Predrag Radovančević
Dramaturgue: Dragan Grbić
Costumes and masks: Anđelija Marković
Scenographers: Nikola Nikolić i Anđelija Marković
Properties: MIMART
Video art: Lidija Antonović ANT

Actors: Dušan Murić, Ana Bastać, Dragana Stanisavljević,
             Predrag Radovančević, Lidija Antonović
             Rita Gobi/Dubravka Subotic, Tepsihotalia

Vissiting: FIAT festival, Podgorica, Montenegro, May 2009.

Press: ``New muse – Terpsichothalia`` 29.04.2009. ``Danas`` 

``... In `Memorandum` the central position takes a group of nameless artists who analyze their subjective experience of the identity research in the genesis of a exploration process which is neither theatre nor dance. They seek the help of a new Muse, Terpsichothalia, which is born from the synthesis of the muse of Dance, Terpsichore and the muse of theatre Thalia, amazingly performed by Rita Gobi, special guest from Hungary. Out of this ``help`` new projects of Nela Antonovic and MIMART will emerge, and it truly is a privilege to accept cosmic energy, better yet, a privilege to wander through the endless spaces with them.`` 

Milica Zajcev