Mimart on festivals: 

MAY - Festival of living statuas, Banja Koviljaca

JUNE - Festival of contemporary woman, Tuzla, BIH 

JULY - LilaLo fire festival, Loznica

AUGUST - Nisvil theater: "Celebration of dance"

and "Coal shovel", Nis

WMO Pantomime Festival, Vrnjacka Banja

SEPTEMBER - Art Trema fest Ruma


Theater performance REMINISCENCE

Premiere 18.11.2022, SKC Belgrade

Repetition 02.02.2023


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Stanica - servis za

savremeni ples 





Like astronomers who seek out new planets and extraterrestrial life with high hopes, Theatre MIMART looks for new communication codes in theatre. There is a very small possibility that something will occur on the stage for the first time: new dance technique, a new technical prop, special manner of acting, innovation in any of the segment which comply a theatre expression. Seekers of new planets, seekers for historical treasure, seekers of innovations in theatre, all of them have hope that something will be found, that something will really happen. Searching for a new communication art code, we are creating an authentic vocabulary of dance. Communication is not an unreal tendency, but a simple necessity in art.

A theatre laboratory emerges like a creative revolt in theatre, whose goal isn’t merely artistic and aesthetic, but even more importantly, the goal is to provoke a general discussion about theatre and art. For over twenty years Nela Antonovic with artist from various spheres has been researching phenomena, avoiding speech on the stage and creating a symbolic phantasm dance structure. Words preoccupy the mind merely in one direction. But space runs in all directions. ‘‘The supreme paradox of all thought is the attempt to discover something that thought cannot think’’ says Kierkegaard. Symbolic language is the only way to collective unconscious, but it leaves a vast space for mistakes. Mistakes are rarely important. Through dedicated research of the unknown, the auto-dramaturgy of the body and through an open process, arise the performances of Theatre MIMART with risk.