Theater performance REMINISCENCE

 - February MKM Belgrade 2023

- September Pec, Kosovo 2023 // RegLab

MAY - International Statue Festival, Banja            Koviljaca,  Serbia   

JULY - International Festival LilaLo, Loznica, Serbia

15.07. premiere 

"PRISM ON WHEELS" performance for childern and youth

09.12. premiere

"ORIGIN OF FEAR", at UK Parobrod

Both projects in Mimart production supported by Ministry of culture Serbia 


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Premiere October 16th, 2017. SKC Belgrade

The performance Trokorak was premiered on October 16th, 2017, on the stage of the Student Cultural Center on the occasion of 33 years of the Mimart Theater. In the crowded hall, the audience supported Mimarts experiment and sustainability at the time of the collapse of culture, not allowing the fate of Jesus and confirming that the stage is a possible space for positive influences and cultural changes in the taste of the audience according to contemporary artistic expression. The experiment without general rehearsals through electronic communication, emanates the sum of personal stories and brings an innovative way of searching for the movement of theater boundaries. Individual performances are mentored one by one with Nelom Antonovic, and together they give a synergetic performance in which the audience participates. This e-concept allows us to reach the dream space through dreams, as it extends reality, and does not conflict with the classic drama theater. Interweaving dreams bring about networking of thoughts about the time when Theater Mimart started with an alternative theater in 1984 at the Student Cultural Center of Belgrade, through dance, physical and ritual theater, to the present form of interdisciplinary. Dreams and visions have been in focus for more than three decades, with the Mimart method, all participants participate and together they explore the phenomena of life and society. Mimart performers and associates lead you to an exciting journey through the map of the mind. The performance was done with its own funds and artistic capacities, with the desire that, regardless of the fact that it is not financially supported, we mark the date when we first gathered together in order to bring Belgrade alternative scene a new look at the research work in the theater, which was then one of the first alternative theaters in ex-yu.

Photo: Srdjan Veljović

Concept: Nela Antonović
Music: Teodora Sarić, Saxophone live
Scene design: Lidija Antonović
Costumes: Andjelija Marković
Artists/Authors: Katarina Orlandić, Nikola Vranić, Katarina Bućić, Marko Nektan, Rade Obradović, Nina Petrov, Teodora Sarić, Lidija Antonović, Olivera Milojević (vocal solist), Kristina Sarić, Ana Bastać Dimitrijević, Galina Ralić, Anja Nikolić and Sasa Dobrohotov.
Volunteers: Vanja Sokić and Sara Mitrović
Production: Teatar Mimart and SKC (Aleksandra Divić)