Jubilee of 35 years of creative work 

Nela Antonovic, art director 

Ivana Vranes, producer


ECoC Plovdiv 2019 




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Premiere 19.08.2009. Festival ``TVRĐAVA TEATAR``, Smederevo


Street performance ``Illuminations`` is an abstract form which lights the torches of history and myths involved in the creation of the city of Smederevo, and takes us to the future, imagination and pleasure. In the main city square artists in costumes from different époques are met with the public resulting in a timeless ritual which offers abstract symbols interpreted in various ways. This enables better communication with the public since they are directly involved in the entire performance. 

The term Illuminations implies the power of street and square lights during an event, the sudden inspiration and enlightenment, so the primordial light of fire, fireworks and light objects become the mean of communication with the viewers and the citizens. On the other hand, illumination is decorating a first edition of a book with ornaments and miniatures, which we have conducted through the miniatures of workshop material. 

Project author, concept and directing: Nela Antonović

Sound design:   Predrag Radovančević

Costumes and masks: Anđelija Marković

Performers:  Dušan Murić, Ivana Koraksić, Ana Bastać, Branislav Jeremić, Dubravka Subotić, Dragana Stanisavljević, Lidija Antonović, Jovana Rakić, Ana Grigorović, Nataša Spiridonović

Press: »Artistic provocation«, august 2009, »Danas« 

``Out of all the atypical theatre contributions, our attention need be focused to the street performance ``Illuminations`` of the Beolgrade Teatar MIMART. The method of Teatar MIMART brings an interesting and unusual nonverbal project which stands off the conventional theatre. The project is transmediated through painting, sculpting, comic books, history, myths... up to the new rituals...`` 

T. Đuran