SKC Belgrade

Premiere: 06.03.2020.

Interdiscplinary prerformance


MAX METALIC, Belgrade 

Summer theater scene


Mimart & Theater "Pinocchio" 



Sava quay Belgrade

Premiere: 21.07.2020.

Street theater




Festival of Art Performances 



INFANT festival, Novi Sad



Light of Marie Curie

Premiere 25.09.2015.Student park, Belgrade

The international year of light is the manifestation during 2015, aimed to highlight the importance of light in the lives of people, the development of society and the future. The idea for the street theater was created in cooperation with the event Night of researchers and the Institute Curie in Paris, as a contribution to promoting the influence of light on research in the field of art and science. The importance of light has great potential for solving problems in front of civilization. Connecting the future and great discoveries from the past in the present time through performance of an open process of trans-mediation, innovative approaches and alternative solutions.Radioactive elements produce light emission in contact with some materials which under the influence of radioactivity sparkle in the dark, what is the connection with the idea of future modes of light sources.

Photo: Lidija Antonović

Concept: Nela Antonović
Actors: Katarina Orlandić (Marie Curie) & researchers: Nina Petrov, Anja Nikolić, Tanja Damjanovski, Nikola Vranić and Ivan Milenković Sound design: Predrag Radovančević Costumes: Lara Popović Light design: Lidija Antonović Organisation: Night of researchers The show contains elements of dance, acrobatics and skill of Capoeira. The actress says the text of the diary of Marie Curie in three languages: Serbian, French and English.